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Crisis Management: How to Calmly Lead Your Team

BP, Tiger Woods, Chilean miners and Goldman Sachs have something in common—they’ve endured a crisis that made headlines. While your company may not be in the spotlight, it’s never too small to face a crisis that can affect your business results, your customer relationships and the effectiveness of your team. Whether you are facing an angry client, a dramatic change in your business’s financial performance, or a difficult employee matter, business consulting firms can help you be prepared to lead your team calmly through rough waters.

How to Calmly Navigate Through a Crisis

  • Prepare. You may not know that you have a crisis on your hands until it’s too late. A business consulting firm can help you learn about the challenges that companies like yours typically face.
  • Make a plan before the unthinkable happens. A crisis can come in any form. With the help of a business consulting firm, you can learn to create a playbook which defines the steps to take when a crisis strikes.
  • Use the business’ core values and vision to build support among your stakeholders before a crisis occurs. These partners can be your best allies and problem-solvers during a time of need.
  • Face the reality of the crisis. Take a realistic look at the root causes of the situation with your team, and the true impact of the crisis on your business.
  • Let your team help determine a crisis resolution. Avoid simply masking the symptoms, and face the problem in an open and honest manner.
  • Never let a good crisis go to waste. Use the opportunity to implement necessary major changes in your business to strengthen your performance going forward.

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