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Small Business Consulting Firm’s Expert Offers Advice in the ‘Philadelphia Business Journal’

Markios Consulting’s very own Rip Tilden offered his small business consulting expertise to the business world as a guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal. In his article, “The Elephant in the Room,” Tilden offers a no-nonsense approach to tackling your hardest business challenges, particularly management or leadership issues, in the face of any economic situation. According to the small business consulting firm’s expert, failure to “face the elephants” can prevent a company from reaching its next level of success.

Tilden provides real-world examples of leadership and management challenges some of his own clients have faced. One client had to take a hard look at his own leadership style, communication pitfalls and delegation skills to execute meaningful change. Another client had troubles realizing its business plan, setting goals and communicating clear expectations. To tackle their issues, the clients had to let go of their pride, accept feedback from others, encourage open dialogues and accept the changes needed for progress.

Serving in various leadership roles, Tilden is highly valued for his team-building skills, ability to influence change, deliver results and grow businesses on the national and international levels. In addition to acting as the Chairman and CEO of the non-profit Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group and lending small business consulting expertise as a partner at Markios Consulting, Tilden is also a faculty member at the University of Philadelphia Wharton School’s MBA program.

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