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How to deal with conflict resolution in your business

A Honeywell committee member, Jeffrey Grayzel, had to recuse himself at the beginning of August from a vote regarding the rezoning of company property. According to the website, the decision comes as a result of a conflict that arose from the knowledge that Grayzel’s wife was a former employee of the Fortune 100 company. Individuals on the committee felt that Grayzel may have a financial interest with Honeywell even though his wife has no influence over the company or its funds. Many business consulting firms would agree that Grayzel’s choice to exclude himself from the vote was the correct resolution to the matter.

When conflict resolution goes wrong, business consulting firms will tell you that the results can be destructive for the culture of the organization. However, when a conflict is resolved in a manner that’s healthy and effective, a business can come up with smart decisions and innovative ideas, as well as improve communication between employees.

With the following expert tips, you can express disagreement, handle disagreements when they come your way and safely speak your mind:

  • Keep a cool head. Never react to an individual or a situation in anger; it’s unprofessional. If you need to, take a time-out to cool down.
  • Avoid personal attacks. Focus on the issue at hand and encourage others employees to do the same. Insulting an employee or coworker never solves problems.
  • Use “open” body language. As you remain calm, avoid crossing your arms, clenching your jaw and closing your mind. When you use open body language, you and the other party will feel more comfortable and experience better communication.
  • Practice empathy. Business consulting firms recommend trying to understand the other party’s point of view, even if you don’t agree with it. If something doesn’t make sense, ask clarifying questions in a matter that’s not condescending.
  • Take the high road. When someone else in your business wants to fight dirty, don’t stoop to their level. Taking the high road shows respect for the other person and will help you resolve the conflict without any regrets.
  • Agree to disagree. Sometimes you have to accept that one person’s point of view isn’t the same as yours, and that it’s OK. Business consulting firms believe that differing opinions are what drive new ideas. If everyone had the same thoughts and beliefs, nothing would ever change or improve.

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