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Month: October 2014

5 Leadership Styles: Which One are You?

Think about your leadership style.  There are five main types, each with its own pros and cons: Bureaucratic, Supportive, Directive, Traditional, and Collaborative. If you think about your style, you’ll realize you tend to focus on two main things: people and production. How much you focus on each defines your leadership style and helps you to interchange… Continue reading 5 Leadership Styles: Which One are You?

Personal vs. Positional Power

You’re the boss.  You have the title, the responsibilities…and the unlimited power that comes with being the boss, right?  Wrong.  Two types of power go along with a leadership role: positional and personal. Positional power is an automatic gain; you have certain abilities and authority that are guaranteed while you retain your position; personal power… Continue reading Personal vs. Positional Power

The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership You’ve been promoted.  Now what?  How are you going to lead people who are now counting on you for guidance? To answer this question, we must first understand what  exactly leadership is. Though we may think we understand it, and we can certainly recognize its absence—how is leadership defined? Can you… Continue reading The Art of Leadership

Leaders Are Made Not Born

Consider the facts: new leaders rarely get the training they need to manage people. Instead, what they get is “Congratulations!  You’re promoted!  Good luck!”  This is a serious problem.  Most of the leaders who quit, are demoted, or are asked to leave a company do so because they lack people skills. The problem is not… Continue reading Leaders Are Made Not Born