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Business Consulting Firms Help Companies Learn the Benefits of Delegation

Business consulting firms often work with clients who feel overworked and stressed because they feel the need to take on a multitude of responsibilities alone. Delegating, the act of giving up control and allowing someone else to take the reins, is tough for some managers. An example of delegation occurred at the end of September 2012 when the Commissioner of the Clinical Trial Registry delegated the task of ensuring and enforcing accurate data on the website to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Before this arrangement, according to, only 22 percent of mandatory trial findings were listed on By delegating the task of enforcement to the FDA, the Clinical Trial Registry hopes to fill in the informational gaps that the public seeks.

Delegation—Benefits You Can’t Ignore

There are numerous reasons as to why managers don’t delegate. According to business consulting firms, such reasons range from the fear of looking bad in light of employee failure to the belief that they can do the job better than anyone else. Before taking on more work that employees can effectively accomplish, consider how the help of business consulting firms and delegating tasks can benefit your company:

  • Lighten your workload. You’ll accomplish more and produce higher quality work when you share responsibilities.
  • Empower and motivate employees. In addition to providing a challenge, delegating work aids in employee development and taps into employee talents that you perhaps didn’t know existed. Furthermore, employees will gain the skills and knowledge needed to help position them for future promotions.
  • Increase employee trust. When you delegate tasks to employees, you also communicate that you trust them. In return, employees will place more trust in you. Additionally, delegated tasks help employees feel needed, valued and like an important part of the organization, which will help reduce turnover rates.

How Business Consulting Firms Can Help

Delegation isn’t difficult, but it’s effective delegation that counts. With the help business consulting firms, you’ll learn about:

  • Increasing your trust in employees
  • The tasks that will set your employees up for success
  • Choosing the right employee for a task
  • How to let employees participate in the delegation process
  • Effective ways to supervise and balance responsibility, as well as communicate assignment details and performance standards
  • Delegate consistently without overloading yourself or your employees
  • The tools you’ll need to properly support employees carrying out delegated tasks

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