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Watch Out: 6 Obstacles to Effective Communication

Famed management teacher and writer Peter Drucker states that “…the essence of management is communication.” We fully agree with Professor Drucker – a leader’s ability to communicate effectively determines his or her own impact, and the results his organization delivers. We find that leaders often struggle to improve communication, even when they spend a huge… Continue reading Watch Out: 6 Obstacles to Effective Communication

6 Steps to Vary Your Leadership Style

As we discussed in last week’s blog, the most effective leaders recognize when to shift gears and match their leadership style to the needs of the individual or team they are leading and challenges they are facing. Learning when and how to vary your leadership style can be challenging, but there is a systematic approach… Continue reading 6 Steps to Vary Your Leadership Style

Tailor Your Leadership Style for Success

When managing others, each of us practices at least one of the five leadership styles – Bureaucratic, Supportive, Directive, Traditional or Collaborative. These styles can be defined as follows: Bureaucratic: Relies on routine operating policies and procedures to accomplish tasks, while limiting interpersonal interactions. Supportive: Builds harmonious and collaborative relationships among employees, particularly in high-stress… Continue reading Tailor Your Leadership Style for Success

Communication: Let’s Be Honest

Honesty and open communication are two vital ingredients to good communication. As leaders, these qualities are essential to building any type of healthy business –or personal – relationship, and they go a long way toward developing a flourishing business culture. What exactly do we mean by honest and open communication? One way to look at… Continue reading Communication: Let’s Be Honest

Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses

  We see what we want to see. We’ve all heard that phrase and it applies especially to leaders in business. For a business to be successful – and remain successful – we as leaders must make sure to avoid falling into a complacent mindset. When business is improving, it becomes especially easy to convince… Continue reading Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Formulate Your Rx for Success

Organizational health is the single biggest contributor of an organization’s success. When we clearly define our organization’s vision and values, we set in motion a method for success. Success happens when team members share the company’s values, and sit in clearly defined roles with a high level of accountability to meet commitments. When we aren’t… Continue reading Formulate Your Rx for Success