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Who’s the Adult Here?

  Last week, we touched on the sometimes-dysfunctional dynamics of family businesses and the importance of maintaining professional relationships in the workplace. In non-family businesses, we often discover similar challenges, especially as they relate to interactions between employees and their direct supervisors. One interesting theory used to examine workplace interactions comes from psychiatrist Dr. Eric… Continue reading Who’s the Adult Here?

Secrets of a Courageous Leader

  Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. –John Wayne   Courage is a necessary quality for every effective leader. When we lack leadership courage, it simply means we are fearful – of change, of addressing issues, or perhaps of defining roles and responsibilities. It takes courage to identify the tough issues… Continue reading Secrets of a Courageous Leader

When It’s All Too Much

One of the greatest challenges facing every business owner or leadership team is executing on a defined strategic direction. If we can’t bring our strategy to life, it doesn’t matter how clearly defined the strategy is or how lofty our goals are. The foundation of execution is healthy, dynamic, and proactive leadership. But what happens… Continue reading When It’s All Too Much

Sneaky Thoughts

It can be hard to separate our thoughts from our feelings about a situation, especially an emotionally charged conflict situation. We can be quick to feel, quick take offense, and quick to respond. All feelings and emotions are reactions to things that we think. The graphic below illustrates how we typically respond to stimuli, and… Continue reading Sneaky Thoughts

Conflict: The Emotional Component

The workplace is a blending of cultures, minds, ambitions, and understanding. As people with various backgrounds and opinions try to reach mutual goals, there are bound to be times when “blending” will get difficult and opinions will turn into disagreements and inter-office conflict. Daniel Dana, president of Dana Mediation Institute, is an internationally renowned conflict… Continue reading Conflict: The Emotional Component

Your Words Say Yes, But Your Actions…

In today’s world of Skype, texting, and rapid-fire emails, we often forget ourselves in personal conversations. When we speak indirectly through technology, we don’t have to worry about our posture, our body language, or that we are thumb-fiddlers. But when faced with a physical run-in, we must remember that communication isn’t only about words. Our… Continue reading Your Words Say Yes, But Your Actions…