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Strategy: Meet Monkey Wrench

Humans. We’re always getting in the way of our own success.  Even after defining your unique and successful strategy, human variables frequently enter into the equation and can derail strategy in three major circumstances: 1) When you compete to be “the best.” Competing to be the best is not nearly as effective as aiming to… Continue reading Strategy: Meet Monkey Wrench

10 Tips to Open the Communication Window

We often think of ‘communication’ as an intangible and ungovernable variable that is beyond our control. That is nonsense. Just as we can control numbers and satisfaction, so can we control communication.  We must simply determine the rules and elements that lead to successful communication, and use them as tools to share information and manage… Continue reading 10 Tips to Open the Communication Window

OPEN SESAME: Secrets of Effective Communication

Communication can be tricky. Many of us believe that if we ask lots of questions, we are communicating well and connecting with the other person. This may or may not be the case. To communicate effectively, we must ask the right questions at the right time to get the information we truly need. When asking… Continue reading OPEN SESAME: Secrets of Effective Communication

Making Your Vision a Tangible Reality

A solid strategy is critical to succeed in business and as a leader. The first step in creating a working strategy is to establish a company vision. Just as your strategy explains and projects success within the given market, your company’s vision serves as the engine that drives that strategy, and, ultimately, the company’s overall… Continue reading Making Your Vision a Tangible Reality

Strategizing Superior Performance

Imagine hiking into the forest without a compass, a map, or even a flashlight. Sure, you may be familiar with the trees and animals, and even the general direction of your destination. But, you will be hard-pressed to reach your destination without the necessary tools. As a leader, trying to gain success without a comprehensive… Continue reading Strategizing Superior Performance

Collaborative Leadership: Take Baby Steps

Last week, we discussed the pros and cons of the five main styles of leadership: Bureaucratic, Supportive, Directive, Traditional, and Collaborative. We made the case that collaborative leadership offers the most positive benefit to both companies and staff. And so the next logical question becomes, “How do you adopt a collaborative leadership style?” Step one… Continue reading Collaborative Leadership: Take Baby Steps